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Our Bloody Obsession

Apr 2, 2023

Welcome to OUR BLOODY OBSESSION, a gorecast for the extreme created by two women whose bloody obsession is with all things nasty. Hosted by Zobo With A Shotgun (Zoë Rose Smith) and Venal Anatomica (Kelly Gredner).

Could this be the bleakest extreme horror double bill ever? It's a yes. In this episode Kelly & Zoë put themselves through Mariano Peralto's disturbing, dire and depraved film Snuff 102 (2007), followed by the equally degrading, demeaning and disgusting Sunken Danish (2012) from Kaspar Juhl. Be prepared for some triggering topics with a heavy focus on misgyny, sexual violence, violence towards women and just generally a quite depressing discussion about these two heavy movies.

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